Welcome to Rider Oasis

Stock up at one of our Bike Part Vending Machines in the Seattle area, including along the Burke-Gilman trail. Buy bike parts and repair your bike on the spot. Refuel your body and grab a snack or cold beverage. Best of all, use our FREE onsite bike pump to continue your journey to whatever destination awaits you.


Repair your bike at our vending machines by choosing from our selection of bike chains, tire tubes, handle grips, and other bike accessories. It’s your own personal pit stop, getting you ready for the ride ahead.


When you’re on the trail, you need to eat. That’s why we’ve stocked our machines with snacks that will give you that boost you need. With Trail Mix, Clif Bars, Arizona Tea, and Crystal Geyser Bottled Water, you’ll be setĀ for anything.


Now that your bike is ready, and your body is set, you can take off and go. Wherever your Seattle destination is, you can get there knowing that your bike is repaired and your body is fueled for the ride.

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